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Stress Ball Planet 0402 073 581 [email protected] We stock over 500 styles of different promotional stress shapes. All branded stress balls are available for quick turnaround time and Australia wide delivery

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Farm Animal Shaped Stress Ball

We carry an extensive range of stress toys in the shape of an Animals, personalised with your graphic. These animal promotional stress toys come delivered direct to you, complete with custom branding. Our team will expertly decorate these animal stress complete with your logo or graphic. We deliver Australia wide.

Cute Shapes that You Will Love

These shapes are so colourful and cute. Kids and adults will love them. If you were considering using these products to raise funds for a charity or to use them for an awareness campaign, we would assure you that they will attract a lot of positive attention.

Custom Branded and Delivered Fast

We stock and brand these animal stress toys right here in Australia. This would mean we can custom name them and provide them incredibly fast for your event. The general turnaround time is two weeks; however, we can also supply them to you within days of placing an order. Ask about our fast turnaround times when you make your enquiry.

Australia Delivery

At the moment we only deliver animal stress toys around Australia. Delivery is within 2 weeks for standard orders. Urgent fast delivery is available upon request when you place your purchase order.

23 Products

  • Promotional Stress Sharks Logo

    Promotional Stress Sharks

    Promotional Stress Sharks
    Quirky and unique
    From $1.98
  • Buffalo Stress Balls Logo

    Buffalo Stress Balls Logo

    Buffalo Stress Balls Logo
    Best seller!
    From $3.92
  • Pooch Stressball Toy

    Pooch Stressball Toy

    Pooch Stressball Toy
    Fast Delivery
    From $2.96
  • Bull


    Cute Option
    From $2.27
  • Decorated Ladybird

    Decorated Ladybird

    Decorated Ladybird
    Cute & Fun
    From $1.71
  • Chicken Squishy Shape

    Chicken Squishy Shape

    Chicken Squishy Shape
    Buy in bulk
    From $1.56
  • Custom Sheep

    Custom Sheep

    Custom Sheep
    Buy Customised
    From $2.90
  • Pig Squishy Toy

    Pig Squishy Toy

    Pig Squishy Toy
    Best Selling Option
    From $2.64

23 Products