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Promotional Transport Themed Stress Items

Buy Planes, Trains, Car Stress Toys custom printed with your logo. These stress toys are perfect for enthusiasts of all ages who are fascinated by transportation, serving as excellent promotional tools for related industries. They provide a playful way to relieve stress while showcasing iconic modes of transport. We stock a wide range of these themed stress toys, capturing the essence of travel and mobility.

39 Products

  • Traffic Cone Stress Ball

    Traffic Cone Stress Ball

    Traffic Cone Stress Ball
    Lovely Gift Idea
    From $2.88
  • Emblazoned Tyre

    Emblazoned Tyre

    Emblazoned Tyre
    Novelty Shape
    From $1.94
  • Custom Motorbike Helmet

    Custom Motorbike Helmet

    Custom Motorbike Helmet
    Fun Promotional Item
    From $1.44
  • Personalised Beatle Car

    Personalised Beatle Car

    Personalised Beatle Car
    Great for Tradeshows
    From $2.03
  • Racing Car Stress Shape

    Racing Car Stress Shape

    Racing Car Stress Shape
    Great for Events
    From $2.51
  • Mini Bus Stress Shape

    Mini Bus Stress Shape

    Mini Bus Stress Shape
    Kids will love this
    From $1.80
  • Branded Oil Drum

    Branded Oil Drum

    Branded Oil Drum
    Fun option
    From $1.76
  • Truck


    Popular option
    From $3.05

39 Products

Branding Methods We Use

A popular branding method we use on stress toys is pad printing. This technique ensures that even the most detailed designs are represented accurately, making your brand stand out on each unique piece. 

We also use Full Colour Print in 1 position. In this method, a digital printer transfers the design onto the stress toy, perfectly reproducing the intricate details and vibrant colours of the logo or image.

Who Is This Product For?

Planes, Trains, Car Stress Toys are great for:

- Transportation Companies: Airlines, railway companies, and automotive dealers can use these toys to enhance their brand presence.

- Travel Agencies: To promote travel services and packages in a fun and memorable way.

- Educational Institutions: As teaching aids to introduce children to different transportation modes.

- Corporate Promotions: For businesses in the logistics, transport, or tourism sectors.

- Collectors and Hobbyists: Individuals who appreciate transportation-themed items.

Care Instructions

To keep your custom transportation-themed stress toys in good condition:

- Clean with Damp Cloth: Gently wipe the surface to remove dust and stains.

- Avoid Water Immersion: To prevent internal material damage.

- Dry Naturally: Let the toy air dry after cleaning.

- Store in Cool, Dry Place: To prevent degradation of the material.

- Handle with Care: Avoid excessive squeezing or stretching to maintain shape and print integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customise these stress toys to match specific vehicle models?

We already have a wide array of selection for any vehicle model that you want to customise.

What materials are used in making these stress toys?

They are typically made from soft, durable polyurethane foam suitable for stress relief.

How detailed can the pad printing be on these toys?

Pad printing allows for high-detail and multi-colour designs, ensuring your branding is clear and effective.

What is the typical size of these stress toys?

The size can vary, but they are generally designed to fit comfortably in an adult hand.

Is there a minimum order quantity for these stressballs?

Yes, we only sell in bulk. Please speak to one of our sales agents for the minimum order required for this type of stress toy.