Stressball Planet Returns Policy
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Stressball Planet Returns Policy

At Stressball Planet, our unwavering focus is on delivering top-notch retail solutions, which underscores our commitment to unparalleled quality and your absolute contentment. In our pursuit to offer a flawless shopping experience, we have meticulously crafted a returns and refunds policy, which ensures that each transaction aligns with your expectations. Herein, we detail the conditions under which returns, exchanges, or refunds are facilitated, as well as instances where specific stipulations come into play.

1. Returns Eligibility

Every product at Stressball Planet is curated with an emphasis on exceeding your expectations. We cater to the following situations under our comprehensive returns scheme:

1.1 Incorrect Order Received: In the event that the items you've received diverge from what you ordered, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team without hesitation. We'll diligently assess the situation and initiate processes to either replace the items or grant a refund, ensuring the correct items reach you without delay.

1.2 Defective or Faulty Products: Stressball Planet champions the quality of its offerings. If, perchance, you identify any malfunction or defect in the items, rest assured, we'll facilitate a replacement or offer a complete refund.

1.3 Damage During Transit: If any product gets damaged en route to you, notify us at the earliest. We'll coordinate with the delivery service to redress the matter, guaranteeing that you are either furnished with a replacement or a full refund.

1.4 Under-Supply: In circumstances where the delivered quantity falls short of your order, please apprise us within a fortnight. We'll promptly dispatch the outstanding items or process an apt refund.

2. Exceptions to Returns

While we ardently endeavour to meet our customers' needs, certain scenarios render returns unfeasible:

2.1 Delayed Product Delivery: Although we consistently aim for punctual deliveries, unpredictable elements, particularly when contingent on third-party courier agencies, might induce sporadic setbacks. Even though we aspire for timely dispatches, post-shipment timelines can be unpredictable. We advocate that any urgent needs be communicated to our customer support in advance. Regrettably, refunds stemming from tardy deliveries will not be feasible.

2.2 Change of Mind: Due to the unique nature of our stressballs, once an order is set in motion and dispatched, reversals based solely on preference alterations cannot be accommodated. We earnestly recommend a thorough review and contemplation prior to confirming a purchase.

2.3 Product Misuse: Items impaired due to inadvertent or improper use won't qualify for returns. Should there be any ambiguities regarding the product's intended use or attributes, we urge a preliminary consultation with our customer relations team before finalising a purchase.

Stressball Planet's ethos revolves around your gratification. This policy stands as an embodiment of our dedication to transparency and superlative customer care. We cherish the faith you repose in us and relentlessly strive to magnify it with every interaction.