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Full Colour Printed Stress Balls

Stressballs With a Full-Colour Print

All our stress balls have an option for you to brand with a full-colour photographic finish for your logo or graphic. Using a branding process called Digital Transfer Print, this option is terrific for when you want to show off your image in a gorgeous full-colour finish. This particular process does have various advantages and disadvantages though which is detailed below.

  Full Colour Printing on Stress Balls

Digital Full Colour Transfer Print

For a full-colour print onto a stress ball, only one particular print process can be used. This process is commonly called a "Digital Transfer Print." As the name implies, this branding process enables a print to be "transferred," onto a stress ball. This process for branding is quite simple.

  Full colour pantone chart

Branding Process

  Transfer Printing Machine

A digital transfer print utilizes a process that involves heat, pressure and vinyl. Here is a step by step guide on how the printing begins.

  • It starts off with having your full-colour graphic design printed onto a piece of vinyl. This is done via a printer which specializes in printing onto transfer sheets
  • Once the print is complete, a 2nd machine is used to cut out the vinyl prints into desired shapes. Typically for stress balls, the shape that we cut out are circles.
  • With the printed cut out designs complete we are now ready to have these transferred onto the stress balls. A heat press tailored

The heat transfer printing method applies custom designs to items like t-shirts or tablecloths through a process that uses a combination of heat and pressure. Common kinds of heat transfer printing include vinyl heat transfer and digital print heat transfer. With the vinyl heat transfer process, a machine is used to cut out designs and letters in pieces of coloured vinyl. A heat press is then used to transfer each vinyl colour of the design onto the object being printed. With digital print heat transfer, the desired graphic is first digitally printed on special heat transfer paper using a solvent ink. This type of ink allows the design to be transferred from the paper to the item being printed when pressed with heat. With both these types of heat transfer, a heat press machine will be needed to transfer the graphic, either vinyl or digitally printed, from one surface to another. It’s the magical combination of heat and pressure that transfers the design!