Collection: Novelty Stress Ball Toys

Custom Printed Novelty Stress Toys

Buy Novelty Stress Toys custom printed with your logo. Novelty Stress Toys are perfect for injecting fun and creativity into your marketing campaigns or as playful gifts to reduce stress. They come in unique, eye-catching designs that captivate and amuse, making them memorable keepsakes. We stock a wide range of Novelty Stress Toys, including whimsical shapes, vibrant colours, and interactive features to suit any theme or promotional need.

Explore Unique Novelty Stress Ball Toys Customised for Your Brand

Stress Ball Planet is your go-to source for novelty stress toys, as well as other uniquely shaped toys, like animal and personalised food-themed stress balls, offering a creative and playful way to promote your brand. With a reputation built over 18 years of service, we are committed to providing our Australian clients with high-quality, engaging promotional products that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

  • Branding Techniques Used in Novelty Stress Toys

    We use pad printing to put your logo or design on these stress toys. This method uses a silicone pad to apply ink, making sure your logo shows up clearly and lasts on the toys' uneven surfaces.

    We also offer full colour printing on one part of the stress toy. This gives you a bright and long-lasting display of your brand, great for detailed and colourful designs.

  • Ideal Use Cases for Promotional Novelty Stress Toys

    Our personalised novelty stress toys are ideal for:
    -Corporate Offices: Novelty stress toys make excellent employee gifts, injecting fun into the workplace while helping staff manage stress, thereby promoting a healthier and more enjoyable work environment.

    -Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can distribute novelty stress toys to students as part of stress management initiatives, providing a playful yet effective tool to help them stay focused and relaxed during stressful academic periods.

    -Trade Shows and Conferences: These novelty stress toys are ideal promotional items, drawing attention to booths and leaving a lasting impression on attendees with a unique and entertaining keepsake.

    -Retail Stores: Stores can use these as promotional giveaways or merchandise, attracting customers with a quirky and practical item that adds value to their shopping experience and encourages brand loyalty.

    -Event Planners: Novelty stress toys can be used as fun and memorable giveaways at various events, enhancing the attendee experience and serving as a lasting reminder of the occasion.

    -Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics can offer novelty stress toys to patients and visitors, providing a lighthearted way to relieve stress and promoting a comforting and welcoming atmosphere.

    -Fitness and Wellness Centers: Fitness centers can include novelty stress toys in wellness packages, offering members a humorous and effective tool for stress relief that also promotes the brand.

  • Caring for Novelty Stress Toys

    Keep your novelty stress toys in excellent condition with these care tips:
    -Surface Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains, ensuring the toy remains clean and presentable. Use mild soap if necessary, but ensure all soap residue is wiped away.

    -Air Dry: Allow the toy to air dry naturally if it gets wet. Avoid using direct heat sources like hairdryers, which can cause the material to warp or degrade.
    -Keep Indoors: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and material degradation. Excessive heat or humidity can compromise the toy's integrity.

    -Avoid Sharp Objects: Keep away from sharp objects that could puncture or damage the outer surface, ensuring the toy remains safe and functional for use.

    -Proper Handling: Handle with care to avoid overstretching or squeezing too hard, which can cause the material to tear or lose its shape, ensuring longevity and continued stress-relief benefits.