Collection: Shape Stress Balls

Promotional Shapes Stress Toys

Buy Shapes Stress Toys custom printed with your logo. Shapes Stress Toys are perfect for a tactile, engaging way to relieve stress while promoting your brand in a fun and creative manner. Ideal for educational, promotional, or therapeutic purposes, these toys come in various geometric or abstract shapes. We stock a wide range of Shapes Stress Toys, each offering a unique sensory experience.

Buy Personalised Stress Toys for Your Company

Stress Ball Planet offers a wide range of custom-branded stress toys, like health-themed and animal-themed stress balls, designed to give your marketing campaigns a creative edge. Trusted by Australia’s leading companies for over 18 years, we provide quality, innovative stress toys that are perfect for showcasing your brand in a unique and memorable way.

  • How We Personalised Stress Balls in Bulk

    We employ a pad printing method for applying designs to these stress toys. This technique uses a silicone pad that accurately transfers your logo onto the toy's uneven surfaces, ensuring the design is both clear and durable.

    Pad printing is particularly useful for maintaining the quality of the print over time, even with regular use of the toys.

    In addition to pad printing, we also offer full colour printing on one part of the stress toy. This option is great for bringing out vibrant colours and intricate details in your logo or design. The result is a bright, eye-catching display that lasts, making these toys not just fun to squeeze but also effective for promoting your brand.

  • Who Are Custom Shape Stress Toys Perfect For?

    Our personalised custom shape stress toys are ideal for:
    -Corporate Offices: Custom shape stress toys can be designed to reflect a company’s brand or products, making them excellent employee gifts that promote stress relief while reinforcing corporate identity.

    -Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics can create stress toys in shapes that represent healthcare themes, providing patients and visitors with a comforting and relatable stress-relief tool.

    -Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can use custom shape stress toys to create fun, themed items for students, helping them manage stress during exams and maintain focus in a playful manner.

    -Trade Shows and Conferences: Custom shape stress toys are eye-catching promotional items that draw attention to booths and leave a lasting impression on attendees, offering a unique and useful keepsake.

    -Retail Stores: Stores can design stress toys in shapes that represent their products or brand, using them as promotional giveaways to attract customers and add value to purchases.

    -Non-Profit Organisations: Non-profits can design stress toys that represent their cause or mission, using them to raise awareness and provide supporters with meaningful and practical items.

  • How to Store Printed Shapes Stress Toys

    Keep your printed shapes stress toys in excellent condition with these storage tips:
    -Surface Cleaning: Regularly wipe the toys with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains, maintaining their appearance. If needed, use mild soap, ensuring all residue is thoroughly rinsed off.

    -Air Dry: If the toys get wet, let them air dry naturally. Avoid using direct heat sources like hairdryers, which can cause the material to warp or degrade, and potentially damage the printed design.

    -Regular Inspection: Periodically check the stress toys for signs of wear and tear, especially if they are used frequently. Replace any toys that show significant wear to maintain their functionality and appearance.

    -Avoid Sharp Objects: Keep the stress toys away from sharp objects that could puncture or damage the outer surface, ensuring they remain safe and effective for use.

    -Proper Handling: Handle the stress toys with care to avoid overstretching or squeezing too hard, which can cause the material to tear or lose its shape, ensuring longevity and continued stress-relief benefits.

    -Protect the Print: Store the toys in such a way that the printed designs are not rubbed or scratched against hard surfaces to maintain the clarity and vibrancy of the print. Using individual pouches or separating layers with a soft cloth can help.