Stress balls are a premium promotional product. They are enjoyed by all ages and suitable for many occasions. Here are the scenarios to use promotional stress balls.

Conferences and Trade Shows

Stress balls are perfect for conferences and trade shows. You can emblazon stress balls with your brand name and give them out to conference visitors. This is an effective and budget-friendly marketing strategy that not only gets your name out there but also leaves recipients with a useful product.

Top stress balls include: Anti Stress Promotional Bounce Balls and Promotional Stress Ball Rabbits

Health Sector

Stress toys are frequently used in the health sector. This is because going to the doctor can be a stressful event. Stress toys are also used when donating blood to ensure the patient is relaxed. Customise your stress balls with your health sector theme and hand them out to patients or use them to promote your brand elsewhere!

Favourite stress toys include: Heart Branded Stress Balls and Promotional Stress Balls Sperm

Corporate Events

Nothing is more stressful than a corporate event. All of your superiors and business managers. Why not relax the mood with cute and soft stress balls. Stress toys are great for relieving pressure in such environments and can maintain the composure of the room. Additionally, if you have visitors at your corporate event from other firms, consider gifting them your stress balls so they remember your brand.

Corporate stress balls include: Personalised Round Stress Balls and Emblazoned Boxing Glove Keyrings