3 Benefits of Custom Stress Balls

Advantages of Custom Stress Balls

If you have ever felt pressure at work or at home, stress balls are a great way of taking a minute to yourself and combating your internal anxiety. For this reason, these little squishy balls are great as a gift for your staff, friends or family. Stress balls are also a handy promotional toy that come with superb benefits for your physical and mental health. Below we’ve listed the three major benefits of novelty promotional stress balls.

The Benefits of Custom Stress Balls

Relieve Stress

If you’ve ever caught yourself at a tense time at work, stress balls are an ideal way to relieve pressure. This is a great way to divert attention away from your busy workload and take a moment to yourself. A clear mind is essential for a productive day at work. Also, this is an easy way to compose your nerves and release tension.

Physical Therapy

Stress balls also operate as a means of physical therapy. They can strengthen muscles in your hands, wrists and fingers to avoid injuries from overuse. These also improve circulation in your hands and fingers to improve their function. Many physical therapists even recommend stress balls for strength training exercises. If you work in the health industry, we suggest promotional wellbeing stress toys.

Mood Enhancement

By having a clear head and being relieved of pressure, stress balls are also an excellent way of enhancing your mood. This means that the brain stimulation derived from the stress ball can even act as a pain reliever! Even if you only use stress balls at work, they will have ancillary effects in improving the quality of your life by promoting better sleep, warding off illness and enhancing your general well-being.

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