5 Promotional Stress Balls for Australians

Top 5 Promotional Stress Balls for Australians

Forget the Christmas gifts, welcome your staff back to the new year with a fun, promotional toy that’s going to help when it really matters!  With our large range of stress balls, you’re sure to find something that your staff and customers will love, all personalised with a print of your choice to help increase brand recognition.  For those who may find decision making stressful, fear not, we’ve narrowed down the choice to 5 stress balls Australians are sure to love – shopping has never been so stress-free!

Branded Stress Balls for Aussie Events

Stress Balls for Australians

Promotional Thumbs Up

These are a really fun toy - perhaps not the most suitable choice for the restless and easily distracted in your office.  Serving to both relieve stress in the traditional stress ball sense, these thumbs up can also relieve stress and tension by providing a great opportunity to have a bit of a laugh!  If you want to promote your brand at an event, these could be the perfect toys as they’re fun and eye-catching, ensuring they'll be put to use in the following weeks. Perfect for the Aussie that loves to destress outside.

Logo Emblazoned Hammer Stress Toys

A great gift from construction companies to customers and contractors, this gift requires no white card and can help relieve some of the stress brought on by the busy summer period.  This gift is also perfect for those destructive employees without the need for damage control.  The Christmas break is often a time where significant amounts of DIY are attempted, this can lead to increased stress on both the behalf of the ‘DIY-er’ and those in the immediate vicinity, and therefore, this could be the perfect novelty stress toy for those times of need! 

Personalised Cricket Stress Balls

A well-loved sport amongst many Australians this stress ball is great to promote sporting clubs and brands as well as any business that emphasises true Australian sport.  This is a fun take on the traditional stress ball design adding just a small touch of novelty to make this a slightly more fun, premium design.

Hot Dog Sausage Sizzle Stress Toy

For those who don’t wish to let the summer go, these novelty hot dog toys will have you dreaming of being back in the garden on a summer evening with the sausages on the barbie and a drink in hand.  What could be more soothing?  This is the perfect marketing aid to promote a new food outlet and have people in their place of work talking about your brand.

Australian Continent With Logo Branding

A country to be proud of - as an Australian brand you cannot go wrong with this patriotic stress toy.  These are a gorgeous desk accessory for any office, and with your logo printed on them, they are a fab way to keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds.  Subtle but massively appreciated these are more discrete than some of the other novelty toys and would fit perfectly in a more corporate environment. 

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