Branded Stress Toys for Health Promotions

Promoting Health with Branded Stress Toys

Like it or not, stress is a fact of life. Whereas most healthy individuals can produce, secrete and control the way their adrenal glands give out the stress hormones, in most cases, due to pressures and challenges, it might be quite challenging to ward off stress. For this reason, creative geniuses came up with the stress ball to help calm down nerves and possible keep stress at arms' length.

Who Uses Promotional Wellbeing Stress Toys?

Currently, all thanks to creativity, the stress ball has evolved to become an even more industry specific tool. The availability of several stress toys makes it possible to get a branded stress toy in one’s field or similar. There are several different industries and stress toys that encompass as many of the occupations as possible are ingenious when looking to help relieve stress and low key advertise the company brand.

Promotional Health Stress Balls in Use

Custom Stress Toy Ideas and Options

For health and wellbeing, most gyms and fitness centres are now focused on holistic healing and combating stressful factors to keep everyone happy and relaxed. In the medical, fitness and wellbeing arena, it goes without saying that branded stress toys are helpful for both the participants and the company/centre.

Check out these rather interesting novelty toys for health and wellbeing promotional functions;

  • Einstein Stress ball — Shaped like a brain, there couldn't be a more stimulating stress ball to get creative geniuses up and running again. Other than squeezing it and playing around like putty in hand, this stress ball can also be used as a therapeutic accessory as the owner can analyse the gyri that are shaped exactly the way it is in the brain
  • Printed Muscle Figurine — This stress ball is as attractive as it is functional. It is excellent merchandise to be used in the gym and other fitness centres.

Stress balls are now fun and cute. They have long moved from the traditional ball which was used by everyone simply because of its functionality. By utilizing this well-thought-out novelty item, advertising can become quite comfortable and market-oriented.

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