How We Decorate Stress Balls

Stress balls can be decorated in a variety of ways. We enforce pad, screen, and digital UV printing to achieve the best look and feel for your brand. Here are how each method works and the differences between them.

Printed Duck Stress Reliever

Pad Printing

Pad printing is the most common form of emblazoning bulk stress balls. This process begins by transferring ink onto a silicone print plate. As the pad is silicone it is flexible and can be easily contoured to the shape of a stress ball. This is then firmly pressed into the item to transfer the ink from the plate to the ball. Unfortunately, pad printing can only be achieved in a solid colour but can still achieve a striking display for your brand.

Screen Printing

For objects that have flat surfaces, such as square stress balls, we utilise screen printing. This method involves applying ink to a screen that is coated with a photosensitive emulsion. Then, your brand and logo will be placed onto the screen and placed under ultraviolet light to cure the screen and display your brand and logo. This ink is then pressed onto the stress ball to squeeze off the ink and leave behind your design. Screen printing similarly only permits one colour at a time but can be overlayed with multiple colours with further screens.

Digital UV Printing

This method of printing is the most advanced and allows for full multicolour printing! This means you can have an intricate design and we can still print it for you. This process begins by aligning the stress balls within the printer and then it is just as easy as having the printer print multiple colours at the same time. One thing to note is that some shapes may not be suitable for digital UV printing so confer with us and we will recommend the best printing for your product.

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