Medical Industry Stress Toy Ideas

The medical industry has frequently struggled with fun ideas for their marketing campaigns. Fortunately for you, we have come up with fantastic stress toys that can suit a myriad of medical businesses. Here are our favourite medical stress toy ideas.

Stress Balls for Medical Organisations

Branded Stress Hearts Anatomical

What screams more than the medical industry than a branded stress anatomical heart. If you have ever thought of keeping a promotional item close to the chest, this is it! This stress toy is in the shape of a heart and is something for your medical practice or doctor’s office. It has nice contrasting colours to display your brand and is a great talking point and distraction for people scared of doctors. Moreover, this could be a great tool to raise awareness of heart disease and related ailments.

Branded Stress Balls Sperm

If you run a fertility clinic, sexual health centre, family planning service, or men’s classes, this sperm shaped stress ball is the perfect toy for you. Take the edge off with these comical stress relievers. Your brand will always be remembered if you use this stress ball as your marketing tool. The soft PU foam is great to touch and will be sure to melt anyone’s stress off. Be remembered for being unique and nothing shows your uniqueness more than this sperm stress ball.

Logo Emblazoned Stress Toy Eyeballs

This stress ball is ideal for optometrists, eye specialists or general practitioners. This all-seeing eye will look over your practice and provide a talking point for all who enter. These customisable eyes will showcase your brand and can act as great memorabilia for your clients' visit to the optometrist. More importantly, all who pass by will have trouble taking their “eye” off this product! Coupled with your brand and logo, this stress toy eye will be a fantastic promotional tool.

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