Our Favourite Animal Stress Balls

Animal stress balls are a fun way of relieving pressure. Take the edge off with these cheerful toys. This is a great way to spread brand awareness too. Here are our favourite animal stress balls.

Promotional Crocodile Stress Toys

Nothing says Australia like this promotional crocodile stress toy. This cute stress relief toy is in the shape of a green Australian crocodile. It has a nice scaley texture and ample space for your brand or logo. This is great if you work at a zoo to get kids attention. Get it decorated with your name today and snap up all onlooker attention!

Personalised Sheep Stress Toys

If you work on a farm or a petting zoo, these personalised sheep stress toys are perfect for you. Nothing is sweeter than a baby sheep. This is an iconic Australian animal so why not keep it in your pocket every day! Whenever you get stressed, you can squeeze the sheep and think about the good times. This is easy promotion. What are you waiting for?

Customised Elephant Squishy Toy 

Elephants are one of the smartest animals and they make for great promotional toys. Get this unique customised elephant squishy toy to help elevate your brand. If you work in animal conservation this elephant stress ball is perfect for you. The pliable material of this stress toy can be easily bent and squeezed and will return to its original shape. Get this emblazoned with your brand and help spread awareness about elephants and your brand.

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