Prepare for 2022 Events with Stress Balls

Stress balls are an essential everyday product. With the stress of COVID-19, make 2022 stress-free with some promotional stress toys for your events. Here are our best stress toys for events in 2022.

Anti-Stress Promotional Bounce Balls

Make stress relief fun with these anti-stress promotional bounce balls. Squeezing a stress toy is great but why not also throw it and bounce it around. These stress balls are layered in a nettle hole design that allows them to easily bounce off any surface. This stress ball is appealing to all ages and will attract attention at your event. Emblazon this product with your brand name today!

Moon Shape Stress Balls

These unique moon shape stress balls are great for anxiety relief. They are suitable for all cosmos lovers! The stress balls even feature indentations to symbolise the moon’s craters. This stress ball really grabs onlooker attention, and this means attention for your brand. This is perfect for space conventions. Decorate this stress toy with your logo and send your brand into space!

Promotional Anti-Stress Apple Keyrings

Relieve stress wherever you go with these promotional anti-stress apple keyrings. These cute keychains can be taken anywhere with you to ensure your anxiety levels remain low. The keychain is budget-friendly and features a simple apple design. It can be easily customised with your brand name and act as a mobile form of marketing for your brand. Gift this keyring stress toy for all your event patrons.

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