Promotional Stress Balls During Coronavirus

Spending time in lockdown, no matter how severe the restrictions are, can play havoc on people's physical and mental health. I'm sure most of you can back me up with a personal experience -- being stuck indoors sucks! As a business operator or human resources manager, it can be difficult to let staff know you're thinking of them and care about their wellbeing, which is why we recommend providing custom branded stress toys to let them know you have their backs during this difficult time.

Smile Promotional Stress Reliever

Why Buy Stress Relievers for Staff?

Stress relievers or stress toys are designed specifically with the release of pent up stress in mind and when times are tough, most of us have plenty of stress built up. Custom novelty stress balls are common promotional products in offices across Australia but few people work from home enough to warrant keeping one in the home office as well, which gives you the opportunity to provide them with their own at-home stress reliever to help them work through their tension.

Customise in Bulk With Stress Ball Planet

As Australia's leading provider of logo emblazoned stress toys, Stress Ball Planet can provide affordable bulk-printed stress relievers for distribution among your work-from-home team. Customise the products with your own positive message, quote, important phone numbers, or logo design to let your staff know you care. Our team can not only recommend the best stress toy options to meet your needs, but they can also organise to include the stress balls as part of a larger promotional gift pack with other products as well.

Contact our friendly sales team today for more information on maximising your use of stress relievers to promote the wellbeing of your staff and clients.

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