Promotional Stress Balls for Events

Stress balls are an easy and effective way to market your brand at events. You can easily customise anxiety toys with your brand name or logo and gift them to your patrons. Here are our favourite promotional stress balls for events.

Logo Branded Stress Banana Keychains

These cute logo branded stress banana keychains are the best products for events. These banana anxiety relievers are a great giveaway product for anyone. It can easily be affixed to a keychain and carried around wherever. This means that your brand will always be carried by your clients! Moreover, if they feel stressed, they will be relaxed by your brand. Get this product decorated today and start handing these bananas out at your next event.

Promotional Stress Ball Clocks

Promotional stress ball clocks are a quirky and unique way to market your brand. Clocks are used in everyday life so why not use this opportunity to decorate a custom clock with your brand. Whenever your clients, staff, friends, or family need some time to relax they can squeeze these great products. This makes promotional stress ball clocks great for giveaway products at events and helps raise awareness for all the stress in our lives.

Custom Decorated Coffee Cup Stress Toys

For a fun twist for your next event, get these custom decorated coffee cup stress toys. Everyone loves drinking coffee so why not gift your event patrons a funny item they can leave on their desks. Managing stress does not need to be a hard process. Sometimes a simple product like this is all that someone needs to be calm. Coupled with your unique brand or logo, people will look to you for reassurance and a relaxed voice. Use these products to effectively market your brand at your next event.

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