Promotional Stress Balls for Foodies

Promotional stress balls are so much better when they are shaped like foods. It helps your mind concentrate and melts away any pressure. Here are our top promotional stress balls for foodies.

Logo Emblazoned Chilli Stress Toys

Turn up the promotional heat with these logo emblazoned chilli stress toys. These premium products are in the shape of red chilli. They are flexible and squeezable so that you can melt away any pressure or anxiety you may have. Get this emblazoned with your brand name for fun and effective promotion!

Decorated White Egg Stress Toys

Nothing quite says relaxation like some morning eggs, so check out this decorated white egg stress toy. It is in the shape of a cute egg and can fit in the palm of your hand. But don’t mistake it for a real egg! To make sure you know which is which, get this stress toy decorated with your brand name and gift to staff, clients, friends, and family. Everyone will love this!

Hot Dog Stress Toys Logo Printed

Relieve your anxiety with this logo printed hot dog stress toy. This premium product features a delicious wiener sitting in a crisp bun. It is the perfect relaxation snack for your brain! You can get this easily customised with your logo and use it in times of pressure. Keep it at work or at home, either way, you will be stress-free.

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