Return to Work with Stress Relievers

Transitioning back to work after this global pandemic may seem quite stressful. Stress balls are one of, if not the best, means of alleviating any anxiety and tension. We try to make this as fun as possible for you by offering quirky and unique toys that are sure to benefit your mind. And why not decorate these items with your brand or logo for a form of constant marketing? Take a look at these fantastic stress ball options but remember to clean them regularly to maintain proper hygiene.

Full Colour Printed Stress Ball

Logo Printed AFL Stress Balls

Take your mind off your work and focus on one of your favourite sports – AFL. This custom stress reliever is shaped in the form of a mini AFL ball that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Stress can often be induced by being overburdened with your work, so having the ability to think about something you love is guaranteed to reduce any anxiety. This is also a fantastic form of promotion for your local sports team or just a great talking point to lighten the mood in the office. 

Decorated Carrot Stress Toys

If you are looking for a quirky stress reliever, then this carrot is just what you need. Focusing on the idea of healthy eating is bound to reduce workplace tension. These carrots are made from a pliable material that can be easily squeezed, mashed or bashed, but will continue to take its unique shape. This would be a fun gift to hand out around the office and you could even mix it up by having different teams have different types of vegetable stress toys!

Logo Printed Sumo Wrestler Stress Balls

Stress relief can be fun with these sumo wrestler stress balls. This is ideal for those working in an athletic setting but can also make for a super quirky addition to your desk at work. Made from PU foam, this sumo wrestler feels great to hold and is certain to mellow out any of your stress or tension. This product will surely turn heads and have people praising you for your ingenuity and humour. Coupled with your unique brand or logo, your name will never be forgotten.

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