Top Promotional Keyring Stress Gifts

Keyring stress toys are a joy for all. Whether you are a student, working employee, or regular joe, these keyring stress toys are guaranteed to bring some peace into your life. So why not spread the love and gift these to others. Here are our top promotional keyring stress gifts.

Logo Branded Stress Banana Keychains

These logo branded stress banana keychains are great little toys to help you relieve anxiety during the day. They are practical and multi-functional. Sometimes you need to just relax so why not distract yourself with this quirky banana stress keyring. These serve as great gifts for all ages and fit on all key rings. Get this emblazoned with your logo for easy marketing too!

Mini Dolphin Stress Reliever Keyrings

Who does not like dolphins? With this mini dolphin stress reliever keyring you can carry cute dolphins around with you all day. They are guaranteed to melt your stress away. They also serve as great talking points and presents. Consider gifting this to your staff, customers, clients, friends, and family. All can get something out of these mini dolphin stress reliever keyrings.

Basketball Anxiety Keyrings

For the sporty folks, these basketball anxiety keyrings are great for relaxation. These keychains make great gifts for students at school or university. It would even be nice to spread this around your team when you place basketball. This keychain even has the real dimples of a basketball! Get this decorated with your brand and carry it around with you all the time for stress relief and marketing.

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