Using Novelty Stress Toy Animals

Benefits of Using Novelty Stress Toy Animals

For a while now, stress toys have been used by people of all ages to pass the time, help reduce stress and even divert one’s attention. When they were first introduced to the general public, these items can in the form of ‘stress balls.’ To date, the stress balls are still quite useful and popular amongst gift givers. What has changed about them is the material used to fill up the stress ball.

Stress Toy Turkey

Choosing Promotional Stress Animals

In addition to the type of material used, advertising and advertising purposes have also played a significant role in the types of stress balls now available. To ensure that marketing is industry and audience specific, other shapes and forms of stress balls have been introduced. We offer you the latest addition in the form of our novelty stress toy animals. Take a look at some of these specific animals created to help advertise in various fields;

  • Custom branded cow stress balls — this novelty stress toy is excellent when used at trade shows, by dairy companies and meat outlets. The farming industry will find these very specific to their field as it resembles the Australian Milking Zebu

  • Logo-emblazoned stress giraffes — made to resemble the majestic giraffe, these stress animals will be a hit amongst animal lovers and wildlife conservationists. They will also make for great products when used to advertise to an audience packed with children

  • Personalised tropical fish stress balls — these cute Nemo-style fish are produced in vivid colours. They are going to be a hit especially in the paediatric ward and for water and wildlife enthusiasts

  • Bulk Promotional bee stress toys— yes, there is also something for farmers in the honey making department. These bee shaped squeezable stress relief bees are super affordable, and the dash of colour is enough to add life to any event.

There are a lot more novelty stress toy animals. You have to take a look, select the one which best suits your business and get it customised. Contact our friendly sales team for more information today.

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