Who Uses Promotional Stress Balls?

Who Can Benefit from Promotional Stress Balls?

Here at Stress Ball Planet, we get all sorts of clients keen on securing custom branded stress balls for their events or campaigns. But once the products are distributed, what kinds of people will enjoy using your stress gifts?

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Stressed Office Workers

The stereotypical recipient of promotional stress products, office workers, are often under pressure with deadlines to reach and jobs to get done. Custom stress toys are popular gifts at conferences and business events because attendees to these events are quite likely to find the stress item useful enough to bring back to the office with them.

Tradeshow Attendees

Regardless of your industry, no doubt you will have attended a trade show or expo related to your field. Stress balls are cost-effective items that are easy to pop into show bags at these events. Because there's such an extensive range of stress products available, you don't need to worry about finding a style that's relevant for your event either. Construction? We've got logo decorated cement mixer stress balls. In the health and wellness industry? Try a custom stress tablet. Looking to promote your restaurant or food truck? Grab some branded hot chilli stress toys. The possibilities are endless where event promotion is concerned!

University Students

Office work can be tough but remember when you were studying? That can be super stressful as well, which is why universities and TAFEs across Australia like to produce custom stress toys to help promote O-Week, sports events, conferences, and graduations. Popular options for universities are things like logo printed light bulbs and standard round stress balls.

Bonus: Who DOESN'T Use Stress Balls?

Promotional stress toys are not suitable for children under eight or animals. We DO NOT recommend distributing them at events where children or pets could get access to them. Everyone else? You should be good!

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