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Promotional Stress Balls in Food Shapes

Buy Food Shape Stress toys custom printed with your logo. Food Shape Stress toys are perfect for promotional campaigns in the food and beverage industry, health and wellness events, or any marketing initiative looking to add a fun and unique touch. We stock a wide range of Food Shape Stress Balls, from fruits and vegetables to fast food items, all customisable to showcase your brand.

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  • Decorated White Egg Stress Toy

    Decorated White Egg Stress Toy

    Decorated White Egg Stress Toy
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25 Products

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Branding Methods We Use

We use pad printing to add your company logo into these stress toys. This branding method transfers ink from a plate to the toy via a silicone pad, ensuring a vibrant and durable print, perfect for capturing the attention of your target audience.

Along with pad printing, our services include full colour printing in 1 position. This ensures a striking and resilient representation of your brand, suitable for intricate and vivid graphics.

Who Is This Product For?

Food Shape Stress toys are ideal for:

- Food and Beverage Companies: To promote products or brand identity in a playful way.

- Health and Wellness Campaigns: Encouraging healthy eating habits with fruit and vegetable designs.

- Event Giveaways: Perfect for food festivals, trade shows, and culinary events.

- Educational Tools: Useful in schools and health education programs to discuss nutrition.

- Corporate Gifts: For companies in the hospitality and culinary sectors to strengthen their brand presence.

Care Instructions

Maintain your custom Food Shape Stress Balls with these simple care guidelines:

- Clean with a damp cloth: Gently wipe to remove dust and stains.

- Avoid harsh chemicals: Use mild cleaning solutions to prevent damaging the material.

- Keep out of direct sunlight: Prolonged exposure can fade colours and degrade materials.

- Store properly: Keep in a cool, dry place to prevent distortion of shapes.

- Regular inspection: Check for wear and tear, especially if used frequently, to ensure they remain in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customise the shapes to match specific food items related to our brand?

We already have a wide selection of food shape stress toys that you can customise with your company logo or any unique design. 

What are the dimensions of these stress balls?

Typically, they range from 6 cm to 10 cm, but sizes can vary depending on the food shape.

How long does the pad printing last with regular use?

With normal use, pad printing should remain intact for several years without significant wear.

What is the production time for custom Food Shape Stress Balls?

Standard delivery is 2 weeks. We also offer 24 hour turnaround time. Please speak to our sales agents to expedite your order. 

Are there eco-friendly options available for these stress balls?

Yes, we can provide eco-friendly materials upon request to align with sustainable practices.