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Promotional Keyring Stress Toys

Buy Keyring Stress Toys custom printed with your logo. Keyring Stress Toys are perfect for on-the-go stress relief and brand promotion. Compact and practical, these toys combine the functionality of a keyring with the playful stress-relieving benefits of a stress toy. We stock a wide range of Keyring Stress Toys in various shapes and themes, ready to be customised with your branding.

Discover Promotional Keyring Stress Toys for Effective Brand Exposure

Unlock the potential of your marketing efforts with our keyring stress toys at Stress Ball Planet. For over 18 years, we have been a trusted supplier of innovative and durable promotional items, such as animal-shaped stress toys, and health-themed and custom sports-themed stress toys, helping businesses across Australia enhance their brand visibility and customer engagement.

  • How We Custom Print Keyrings in Bulk

    -Pad Printing: We use pad printing to add your logo or unique design onto these stress toys. This method uses a silicone pad to apply ink, making it possible to transfer your logo or message onto the toys' uneven surfaces, ensuring both visibility and durability.

    -Full Colour Printing: In addition to pad printing, we also offer full colour printing on one spot of the stress toy. This service guarantees a vibrant and long-lasting display of your brand, perfect for detailed and colourful artwork.

  • Who Are Custom Keyring Stress Toys Perfect For?

    Our personalised keyring stress balls are ideal for:

    -Corporate Offices: Custom keyring stress toys make excellent employee gifts, helping staff manage stress while keeping keys organised, thereby promoting a healthier workplace environment.

    -Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can distribute keyring stress toys to students as part of stress management initiatives, helping them stay focused and relaxed during stressful academic periods.

    -Trade Shows and Conferences: These keyring stress toys are ideal promotional items, drawing attention to booths and leaving a lasting impression on attendees with a useful and fun keepsake.

    -Retail Stores: Stores can use these as promotional giveaways or merchandise, attracting customers with a unique and practical item that adds value to their shopping experience.

    -Travel Agencies: Custom keyring stress toys can be given to clients as part of travel packages, offering a convenient way to manage travel-related stress and promoting the agency’s brand on the go.

  • Caring and Storing Branded Keyring Stress Toys

    Maintain your keyring stress toys by following these tips:

    -Surface Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime, ensuring the keyring stress toy remains clean and presentable.

    -Air Dry: Allow the keyring stress toy to air dry naturally if it gets wet; avoid using direct heat sources like hairdryers to prevent material deformation.

    -Regular Inspection: Periodically check the keyring and stress toy for signs of wear and tear, especially if used frequently, to maintain a professional look and ensure continued functionality.

    -Avoid Sharp Objects: Keep away from sharp objects to prevent punctures or damage to the stress toy, ensuring it remains safe and effective for use.

    -Proper Attachment: Ensure the keyring is securely attached to the stress toy to prevent accidental detachment, maintaining its usefulness and reliability as a keyring accessory.