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Orange Customised Stress Ball Keyrings

Orange Customised Stress Ball Keyrings

Minimum Quantity Required: 50

Reliving stress has become a very important task for any working environment. To ensure that all your employees stay free of stress every day they sit to work, you need to get them these Orange Customised Stress Ball Keyrings. Give these out as gifts to your staff members and see them work harder and better. Designed to keep the stress and tension at bay, these keyrings offer multi-functionality to the user. Not only do they help in squeezing away the stress. But they also assist in safekeeping all the keys in one place.

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Your prospects will no longer have to worry about looking through the backpack to search for their keys. They will always be in their hands through these amazing stress reliever keychains. You can also use these as handouts at a charitable or non-profit event. Regardless of its application, the branded stress reliever keyrings will surely bring you higher brand recognition. Moreover, since the user will have these in their hands multiple times a day, it will also remind them of your constant efforts. Thus, increasing your brand retention to a thousand folds. These keyrings are made from durable PU.

Budget Costs and Quick Australian Delivery

The given price will over branding these on one spot in 1-colour. A $60 setup cost is applied per position/colour. GST excluded. Only available for Australian deliveries. For any state or territory, a two-week turnaround time is applied.

Product Description

Product Dimensions:

  • 3.9 cm


  • Orange
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