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Colourful Logo Printed Stress Ducks

Colourful Logo Printed Stress Ducks

Minimum Quantity Required: 100

Beat the stress with our Colourful Logo Printed Stress Ducks. These fun printed stress ducks make sure that you forget your stress and tension the moment you look at them. These cute printed ducks make an amazing promotional gift. The quirky appearance works to catch a lot of onlooker attention in just one use. If you are into the toy business or your target customers are young kids, then using stress ducks as your marketing tool will be an amazing choice. These stress ducks have a very colourful appearance, which keeps the kids intrigued and engaged for longer.

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The vibrant colours make sure that kids will not just see them but actually like them. But why restrict such a fun product only to kids? These can also be presented to your employees to make sure that they don’t get over-stressed. These happy ducks are made up of PVC material. It makes them safe to use even in water. So don’t be afraid of adding these cute elements to your kid’s bathtub. You can give it to your clients or to your employees who have kids. Children should use these products under supervision only. These items are not designed for children under the age of 3. This will also resonate with the care and support of your company towards them.

Competitive Costs and Australian Delivery

A one spot 1-colour brand imprint will be included in the given price. The applied setup fee, per position/colour, is $60. GST excluded. The item can only be delivered within states and territories of Australia. It has a turnaround time of 2 weeks.

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