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Promotional Tool Box

Promotional Tool Box

Minimum Quantity Required: 100

When the wife won't stop nagging you about fixing that leaking tap, mending the broken fence or the dogs kennel, don't get stressed out. Grab hold of your stress tool box and bash it a few times. The kennel may not get repaired, but you will feel a lot better.

Great Giveaways at Expo's

Stress toys make great gimmicks as freebies for trade shows, expos, corporate events and product launches. This little toolbox is ideal for hardware stores, tool manufacturers, handymen companies, repairmen, electricians and anyone who uses a toolbox in their day to day jobs. They are sure to find their way onto office desks, kitchen fridges and into cars, where your company name and details will be on display for all to see. Add a fun vibe to your marketing campaign with these cute tool boxes. They also promote health and well-being by allowing people to get rid of pent up stress when they squeeze and squish them at work or at home.

Decoration Included in Price

Talk to our artists about branding. Our listed price includes branding of your logo or graphic in a single colour print. Brand them with your company logo and give them to clients as freebies. The toolbox features a rectangular shape in a bright bold colour. It has a handle on top and two latches in a light contrasting shade creating a classy finish. Our branding process is simple and fast, we offer a product turnaround time of two weeks, but we can offer even faster turnaround times for special requests.


Item Size: 97 mm x 80 mm x 77 mm, Printing Size: 35 mm x 20 mm

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