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Soft Stress Ball Light Bulbs

Soft Stress Ball Light Bulbs

Minimum Quantity Required: 150

The word light is always interpreted in a good way. In some cases, it resembles a better place while in other cases it translates to better understanding or bright future. With all things considered, gifting your loved ones, colleagues, as well as clients with a product that resembles light is ideal. For this reason, we present this beautifully crafted light bulb that functions as a stress reliever.

Spark a Conversation About Your Business

The bulb presents an astonishing design which resembles the shape of a bulb. The bulb is a screw-in type of a bulb. It comes in yellow and white which makes a perfect combination of colours. The bulb has got amazing features and can be distributed in places such as private hospitals to help relieve the stress of patients. It can also be used in conferences that are bound to take a long period.

Buy Promotional Light Bulb Stress Relievers

This is the best tool to use considering that it is available at lower prices. It gives the user that relieving satisfaction and can keep your brand name in the eyes of the public every time the user takes out. This is a product that can turn out to be the best friend of your targeted clients.

Order Now for Fast Local Delivery

Do not lose an opportunity to lead a successful brand promotional campaign using this amazing squeeze light bulb. It takes 2 weeks to deliver goods upon approval of payment. With every unique order, a branding set up of $60 applies per colour print. The prices listed on our site exclude Australian GST, as well as any other charges or extra taxes are not covered. Delivery of goods we offer is throughout the Australian territories only.

Product Information

  • Product Dimensions 55mm w x 105mm h x 55mm d
  • Yellow/white colour only
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